Designing Against the Status Quo

Along with Ellie Harmon, Matthias Korn, and Ann Light, I will be organizing a workshop at DIS to engage with  what it might mean to design. In this one-day workshop, we will interrogate design strategies of troubling, friction, queering, and contestation that aim to question the status quo. In ways that are playful, heretical, theoretical, and applied we will examine tactics that make space for alternative values to emerge in everyday life. Recent design strategies in this space include Light’s adaptation of feminist and queer theory in proposing design that troubles and queers the status quo, Korn and Voida’s adaptation of anthropological theory and theories of the everyday to call for design that causes friction, and DiSalvo’s formulation of adversarial design as a way of challenging conventional politics. As we design interactive systems that, on the one hand, seek to be accountable in responding to current and future societal challenges, and, on the other, are becoming ever more complex, we ask what trends in destabilizing and rethinking may help us innovate in both method and outcome.

More information about the workshop can be found here. Please apply and join us!