The Data-Driven Nonprofit

We have partnered with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations to better understand their information management strategies and struggles. Our findings suggest that the knowledge workers (both employees and volunteers) at these organizations are being immensely creative, constructing novel assemblages of very diverse information management systems, which we call “homebrew databases.” The downside here is that few if any of these systems have been designed to work well with each other, so organizations are constantly swapping one system for another, trying to streamline their homebrew databases and migrate as much of their data to as few systems as possible—ultimately leading to an incredibly frustrating and unproductive state of infrastructural churn. All of this makes aggregating and analyzing data at scale nearly impossible, which leaves nonprofit organizations in a bind given the incredible pressure to become more data-driven—a pressure that contributes to a self-reinforcing cycle of disempowerment for those organizations.


Selected Relevant Publications:

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