Reappropriating Hackathons

My paper entitled “Reappropriating Hackathons: The Production Work of the CHI4Good Day of Service” has been accepted to the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. This research, a collaboration with Liz Gerber, Chris Bopp, and Emily Porter, presents results from an interview study with 22 stakeholders—participants, representatives of nonprofit organizations, and organizers—of the CHI4Good Day of Service to understand what is produced through philanthropic hackathons. Whereas traditional hackathons are oriented around the production of code or prototypes, our analysis of interview data suggests that the production work of philanthropic hackathons also includes technical capacity and expertise, expanded social networks, an exposure to design process, affective experiences, and an opportunity for participants to shape their identities against a cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary backdrop. We conclude by reflecting on implications for the CHI community in carrying out philanthropic events styled after hackathons.