Media Coverage

Selected News Articles…

They’re Making a Playlist, Checking it Twice.  The San Diego Union-Tribune. 18 December 2005.

Digital Music-Sharing Stirs Social Tensions. New Scientist. 16 May 2005.

Test Your Personality, Digitally. Washington Post. 18 April 2005.

You Are What’s On Your Playlist: Experts Say Digital Music Library Reflects Listener’s Personality. San Francisco Chronicle. 18 April 2005.

Got Playlist Anxiety? You’re Not Alone. CNET News. 6 April 2005.

iTunes Makes Personal Statement at Work. Macworld Daily News. 6 April 2005.

Coworkers Judged by iTunes Playlists. Live Science. 4 April 2005.

You Are What You Listen to: Users of Digital Music Sharing System Judge Others by their Playlists. Georgia Tech Research News. 1 April 2005.