Ph.D. students who are interested in working with me must be committed to working in the area of philanthropic informatics, although students from diverse backgrounds with varied technological, methodological, and theoretical interests are always welcome!  I can advise students in three  Ph.D. programs — Information Science; Computer Science; and Technology, Media and Society (through the ATLAS Institute). Students must apply through the respective degree program and meet all applicable admission requirements. Please mention my name in your application letter and describe your interest in philanthropic informatics as specifically as you are able.

All students at the bachelors or masters level who join the philanthropic informatics research lab are required to commit to a minimum of two semesters of research (fall, spring, and/or summer) and to attend weekly lab or project meetings (usually lasting an hour) each semester. All students must complete CITI certification in research ethics before I will approve any independent study hours.

Feel free to email me with the following information and I would be happy to make an appointment to meet with you to discuss research opportunities: