Creating Friction

My paper entitled “Creating Friction: Infrastructuring Civic Engagement in Everyday Life” has been accepted for publication at the decennial Aarhus  Conference — Critical Alternatives.  Written with co-author Matthias Korn, we introduce theories of the everyday to extend the emerging bodies of research on contestational design and infrastructures of civic engagement. Our analysis of social theories […]

(Infra)structures of Volunteering

My paper entitled “(Infra)structures of Volunteering” has been accepted for publication to the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing. This research was carried out in collaboration with Dr. Matthias Korn and Zheng Yao, an undergraduate researcher from Cornell University. This paper reports on the results of a diary study of the everyday […]

NSF REU Supplement

The National Science Foundation has awarded us a $16,000 REU (research experiences for undergraduates) supplemental grant to hire two undergraduate researchers to join our research on nonprofit-public partnerships. The undergraduate researchers will be involved in all sorts of research activities including prototyping, data collection, and analysis!

eGov Intermediaries

My paper entitled “E-Government Intermediaries and the Challenges of Access and Trust” has been accepted for publication in ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. Written with co-authors Lynn Dombrowski, Gillian Hayes and Melissa Mazmanian,  we present the results of a study examining challenges that nutrition assistance outreach workers face as intermediaries of an e-government system. We discuss […]

Values in eGov Systems

My paper entitled “Shared Values/Conflicting Logics: Working Around E-Government Systems” has been accepted for publication at CHI 2014 (ETA: and nominated for a best paper award!). Written with co-authors Lynn Dombrowski, Gillian Hayes and Melissa Mazmanian, we describe results from fieldwork conducted at a social services site where the workers evaluate citizens’ applications for food […]

Cloud-Based Information Work

My paper entitled “Turbulence in the Clouds: Challenges of Cloud-Based Information Work” has been accepted for publication at CHI 2013. Written with co-authors Judy Olson and Gary Olson, we report the results of a qualitative study of the user experience of cloud-based information work. We characterize the information work practices and challenges that exist largely […]

Public-NPO Partnerships

The NSF has awarded me a grant of $495, 677 over the next three years to study how members of the public are using technology in innovative ways to form more productive partnerships with nonprofit organizations. The research will focus on learning more about the sociotechnical practices of virtual volunteering, mobile giving, and online advocacy. […]